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Grand Island Rural Fire Department Services
Birthday Parties
Due to the nature of our job, we cannot accommodate birthday parties at the fire stations, but groups are invited to schedule a station tour as part of their special day. Crews cannot be scheduled to attend birthday parties at residential homes.
Blood Pressure Screening
Every second Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m., members of the community may come to the Grand Island Rural Fire Station for a free blood pressure and heart rate check.
Boy and Girl Scout Education
Scout troops are invited to the fire station for a tour and educational session based on their current badge requirement (Readyman, First-Aid, Respecting Authority), or a crew may be requested to attend a Scout meeting at a public facility (no residences).
Businesses/Personal Emergency Planning
A meeting can be arranged to discuss life safety issues regarding a particular business or structure. Assistance is provided to owners/managers in the development of an emergency procedure plan.
Engine Tours
Fire and rescue crews can be requested to attend special community events, pre-schools or schools to provide educational tours of the apparatus. Please remember, emergency calls take priority. For-profit events are excluded. At least 14 days advance notice is required for scheduling.
File of Life
This valuable document is provided to members of the community, particularly seniors, to document medical issues, medications and other pertinent information. Emergency crews use the information for a more accurate assessment and treatment.
Fire and Tornado Drills
Assistance with and evaluation of fire and tornado drills can be scheduled for any business or school through the Fire Prevention Officer.
Fire Extinguisher Training
A combination of lecture and hands-on fire extinguisher training is provided to business or community groups of 10 or more. The training is free; however extinguishers shall be provided by the requesting group.
Guest Speakers
Community groups and organizations may request a guest speaker for topics relating to fire and injury prevention.
Home Inspections
Grand Island Rural Fire provides a free Home Inspection Checklist that can be used by adults and other family members to check for fire hazards, as well as fire prevention tools in the home.
Senior Safety
Basic fire safety and injury prevention classes are provided for mature audiences and can be customized to meet the special needs of your community group or living facility.
Smoke Alarm Program
The Grand Island Rural Fire Department will provide a smoke alarm and battery to any citizen in our district that demonstrates a need for this important life-saving device. Education on installation and maintenance are provided, as well as assistance with installation.
Station Tours
Station tours can be scheduled at the fire station for ages three years and older. A 14-day advance notice is required.