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Volunteer with the Grand Island Rural Fire Department
Before applying to become a member of the Grand Island Rural Fire Department, you must consider carefully the goals you are seeking to achieve and how achieving those goals may affect your work, family, and personal life while serving as a member. Will you be able to effectively balance everything in your life to give the necessary attention to the fire department? Will your family and employer be understanding and supportive while you serve as a member?
Many applicants and probationary members discontinue their application or service because they do not fully understand the commitment necessary to be a member of the Grand Island Rural Fire Department. Because we are volunteers, we do understand there are things in life that will prevent you from attending every call, meeting, or training. This is why we set minimum requirements for members that are reasonable. Our intent on this page is to inform all applicants up front of our expectations.
Below is a list of Member Duties taken directly from the back of Grand Island Rural Fire Department's application. Please read the duties and if you feel you can fulfill those duties, are looking to be part of something that takes volunteering to the maximum, and want to part of an organization built on commitment and honor, download the PDF application and submit it to a department member or at the fire station.
Duties of Department Members
A. It shall be the duty of all members to obey all commands of their superior officers while on duty, and in case any officer or member shall use insulting language to the officer in command or be otherwise guilt of conduct to bring disgrace or create dissention in the department, they shall be so charged by the officer or member in writing, to the department and shall then de dealt with according to Article X.
B. Members shall be prompt in report to meetings, drills, fires, funerals, parades, and assist in getting apparatus to the fire and in readiness for operation as soon as possible.
C. Any member know to give an incorrect excuse for non-attendance to any part of their duty as a firefighter, on conviction thereof, shall be dealt with according to Article X.
D. No member shall appear at the meetings or the department or on duty in a state of intoxication, or be guilty of conduct unbecoming to a firefighter, under penalty of Article X.
E. All members, in order to remain in good standing must live up to the Constitution and By-Laws. They must attend 50% of the business meetings, 75% of the drills, and 35% of the fire alarms. Those members who have missed more than three drills must make up said drills within 30 days.
Those members who are in arrears of the above will be reviewed by tthe officers of the department, and membership status will be determined by the said review.
Members who respond to alarms in which equipment was called back due to false alarm, disregard by the dispatcher, or calls determined to be out of our area, must be responsible to notify the station, either in person or by phone as soon as possible so that credit will be given for response to said alarm.
F. All members shall respond to all fires in full protective clothing.
G. No member shall be allowed to wear a beard.
H. It shall be mandatory that each member be responsible for their station duty as assigned by the duty roster.
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Download Grand Island Rural Fire Application